Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Huye: “Village Kitchen” Solution For Malnutrition

Huye Village kitchen 300x225 Huye:  “Village kitchen” solution for malnutrition
Rwanda continue to put more efforts in ,Igikoni cy’umudugudu” (village kitchen) program which is widely introduced for parents to prepare balanced diet.
In Huye district, the program started this March 2012 in Kigoma sector whereby well balanced meals will be prepared from the village kitchen.
Out of 147 malnourished children in Huye district, 13 children are from Kigoma sector. The local administration agreed that through village kitchen, no malnourished child will be seen in this area by June 2012.
World vision spearheaded the village kitchen program and as a contribution, it provided maize flour and sosoma (mixed porridge flour) to use in preparing balanced meals.
It is hoped that slowly by slowly, parents will learn preparing balanced meals using foods they grow in their gardens like soya, ground nuts, vegetables, fruits, tubers, cereals and many others.
Village kitchen will help in changing these parents’ mindset that eating balanced meals requires one to be rich.
Apart from Kigoma sector, Igikoni cy’umudugudu program will reach all sectors of Huye district and parents will be gathering once a month to prepare food and feed it to the malnourished children.


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