Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Rwanda : The NCF-Ngororero sector to radically change family life

The women of National Council of the Women (CNF) of the sector NGORORERO in the district of Ngororero with their colleagues of the FPR INKOTANYI made a commitment to operate radical changes in the life of their deprived partners.
They handed over to the act by fitting out domestic gardens collectively known under the ” akarima k’ igikoni ” naming for some families which had no it.
Their realizations lean on 4 pillars of the Rwandan government to know the economy, social well-being, justice and good governance.
In economy they succeeded in making sensitive the women to group together into cooperatives, to subscribe to the institutions of savings and credits as Umurenge Sacco … For the welfare they made sensitive the women to prepare a well-balanced meal, to fulfill in time with the mutual insurance company of health.
Further, to achieve the family planning, to have a decent housing environment that is a roof which is not grass thatched and a bed with mattress thus without straw.
In justice the couples were made sensitive to live legally by proclaiming officially their marital unions. As examples 80 made sensitive households sealed their legal union in front of the authority of the sector.

Couples proclaiming marital unions 300x178 Rwanda : The NCF Ngororero sector to radically change family life
Couples proclaiming marital unions

It is thanks to them too that the women became stakeholder in the fight against the violence based on the sex. In the good governance they succeeded in getting down to the activities formerly reserved for the men. For example Uwingabiye Germaine who showed that she built herself a house after her husband had abandoned her so testing severely her.

The vice mayor in charge of social affairs Clotilde Nyiraneza declared the indestructible support of the authorities of the district for the praiseworthy initiatives of the women of the sector of Ngororero while encouraging them to be solutions to their problems without waiting for the support from the outside which often arrives late.
Let us underline that the majority of the couples which proclaimed officially their marital unions is young. For example among 80 couples only one was adult.


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