Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Rwanda | Nyanza: Making a living out of molding flower pots

A sample of decorated flower gardens
A sample of decorated flower gardens

Samuel Ndayisabye of 32 years of age in Kavumu village  Busasamana sector in Nyanza district have for a period of six years survived on decorating flower gardens.

Samuel Ndayisabye confesses to have achieved a lot in life for the past six years he has been doing his work of decorating flower gardens.

“I was very poor in my home area and whenever I could see people doing the things I love, I would be envious and think they were born with them”, Samuel Ndayisabye narrates.

But now my mind set have greatly changed because I can now get whatever I want and I don’t beg from any one.
He managed to develop himself after starting to mold flower pots and sell them to different parts of the country mostly at administrative offices of schools and other stake holders.

There is no skill that does not produce good results when done with care and determination. “Some people used to take me as the most poorest person and could even move away whenever I reached where they are but right now they all come seeking for my help and advice on different issues”, Samuel Ndayisabye remarks.

People used to mistake him to be a thief because of his physical appearance. He had lost hope as he was always in tears and in despair.

Samuel Ndayisabye hopes the vision 2020 to find him when he has achieved tremendous development. He expects vision 2020 to come when he has bought himself a nice car, built a nice house all from his project of decorating flower gardens.


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