Thursday, 15 March 2012

Rwanda | Gicumbi: Intestinal worms in rural areas must be treated well

Rwanda Lack of descent toilets in rural areas a major cause of intestinal worms
Lack of descent toilets in rural areas a major cause of intestinal worms
Many residents of Gicumbi district suffer from intestinal worms as a result of ignorance and poor hygiene. 
The head of Byumba hospital Dr. Muhairwe Fred said that according to the research done by the ministry of health revealed that intestinal worms are spread in many various ways but most commonly through poor hygiene.
The doctor said that people who poorly dispose off their wastes leading them to get in touch with foods and water lead to the spread of intestinal worms.   Intestinal worms spread through drinking dirty water, eating half baked foods, eating with un washed hands and walking bare foot on dirty grounds.
The doctor continued to say that many African countries are affected with intestinal worms and most especially children because of the poor hygiene surrounding their environment.
The ministry of health in a move to fight the spread of intestinal worms having been urging people to drink boiled water, keep water in clean containers, washing hands after toilet use, washing hands before and after eating, warming up the food before eating and covering their feet before visiting toilets.
A health attendant at Byumba hospital Espérance Mukakabare revealed that many rural people are affected by intestinal worms because they are very much ignorant on how they can avoid them.
She says that very few rural people can manage to put on shoes all day long yet they are the people who are always surrounded with untidy places. “You find school children playing in stagnant water which contain all the wastes carried from wherever it came from”, Mukakabare remarked.


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