Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Rwanda | Kamonyi: Secrets to improving coffee product

While Kamonyi authorities say that coffee growers who do not mulch their plantations will be punished, the farmers claim that getting mulches is difficult for them.
Rwanda Coffee without mulching 300x168 Rwanda | Kamonyi: Secrets to improving coffee product
Coffee without mulching
Emmanuel Ndaruhebeye, president for “Abadatezuka” cooperative for coffee growers in Gacurabwenge sector highlights that because they no longer grow sorghum and banana plantations, mulches are hard to get for their coffee plants.
However, this does not stop the farmers from gathering grass and mulch the coffee plantations although grass is not enough to cover the big area to some, adds Ndaruhebeye.
This is evident on how some farmers grow beans and yams in their coffee plantations.
Justin Mukiza, Kamonyi district agronomist reveals that though some farmers mix coffee with other crops, the district encourages coffee growers to mulch and work for their coffee to increase productivity.

“My plantation was not mulched and unnecessary weed was growing there. So I grew beans in the plantation with the advice of the sector agronomist,” explains one farmer
Agronomist confirms that 75percent of coffee growers have understood the importance of mulching coffee plants.
Agronomists together with executive secretaries are sensitizing coffee growers to look after their crops for increased productivity.
The district advisory committee resolved that whoever fails to mulch the coffee plantation will be fined Rwf100 per tree.


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