Monday, 19 March 2012

RWanda : Rwanda police focuses on professionalism

Rwanda Police holds a traffic week campaign in Muhanga district, in the Southern Province
Rwanda National Police (RNP) Traffic polices officers have been commonly indicted in cases of corruption, taking bribes which in most cases tarnishes the image the force, which is considered one of the best in the East African region.
For the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Emmanuel Butera, the Commissioner for Operations, this can be polished if the forces uphold on to professional standards and improve their customer care and service delivery.
ACP Butera says that professionalism is the direction for the Rwandan police forces, and each officer should be accountable for their actions, be smart and maintain discipline while undertaking their responsibilities.
Through community policing, road users have been able to report some of the cases of corruption however, there are still some cases of misconduct of police officers.
Butera said that “the police force must avoid scandalous actions such as corruption and carelessness while on duty”.
Rwanda has developed a strong policy on fighting corruption in all service sectors. This has resulted to thousands of officers losing their profession, and jobs, and many more have been recruited in the process.
In June 2011, President Paul Kagame presided over the pass out of 489 police cadets at the Gishali police training school, Nothern province- 59 of the graduating cadets were women.
The president asked the new police officers to carry out their duties of keeping law and order with due diligence, President Kagame said: “Today is a big step in the quest to uphold the law, hold those who break the law accountable and lead them to join the rebuilding of our country. I urge you to uphold your responsibilities to the best of your abilities, fight corruption starting with yourselves”.
President Kagame urged the police officers to bear in mind that in order for them to succeed in their duties, they have to work in close partnership with the citizens they work for.


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