Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Rwanda | Ngororero: Family problems to end soon

Women cooperating to prepare Kitchen gardens
Women cooperating to prepare Kitchen gardens
Women of Ngororero district are very much determined to undress obstacles that disrupt development in their families before the month dedicated to women could end.
In partnership with the national body for women, the women of Ngororero sector under their umbrella of R P F met to device means of how they can prepare for their better tomorrow
These women had to do a community work of digging kitchen gardens for several families in Ngororero sector which never had one before they could settle for their meeting. This was in a move to fight malnutrition in families.
What was realized is that not only poor families never had kitchen gardens but also well-off families also never had them which implied poor beliefs instead of poverty.
The vice mayor in charge of social welfare who had also attended the meeting Clothilde Nyiraneza said the only solution to this would be extensive mass sensitization.
The National representative on the women’s council for Ngororero district Dative Uwamwiza said that there was mass sensitization to all families of Ngororero district before the meeting could be organized.
The sensitization produced positive results because over 100 women who were illegally married managed to legally marry with their husbands before the laws at the sector offices.
This will reduce on the domestic violence that have been rampant in these families which have been a rising as a result of not being legally married and seriously affecting women.
Women of Ngororero district set a target of solving much of the problems that exist in their families mostly affecting them and their children.  


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