Monday, 26 March 2012

Rwanda: Mentally ill at CARAES-Butare need help

Rwanda Mentally ill at 300x225 Rwanda: Mentally ill at CARAES Butare need help
Caraes Butare
In the letter from Caraes Butare (a psychiatric dispensary) to Christians, the mentally ill patients in this dispensary need materials to use because most of them have no care takers.
Brother Pascal Uwamungu who works at this dispensary explains to the Catholic Christians in the lent season on the kind of help they need for their patients.
Brothers of charity that started Caraes Butare ask catholics to sacrifice some things and save to help people with mentally ill patients at this hospital. Patients lack clothes and sanitary materials.
“Patients come in torn clothes due to the disease and it takes long for us to trace their families for help. Some of them have families that do not care, so the dispensary tries to get clothes and other needs for them,” the brothers of charity disclose.
The Brothers request that whoever has money, clothes, sanitary equipments and others for donation can take it to this dispensary or give it to the volunteers of Caraes Butare.
Caraes Butare encourages those who know the families that abandon their mentally sick members to talk to sensitize them on helping their members to get treated.


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