Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Rwanda | Gicumbi: Residents urged to eat fruits, vegetables

As a way of promotion good health among residents, Gicumbi district hospital has encouraged people to eat fruits and vegetables so as to prevent malnutrition.
Fruits and vegetables Rwanda | Gicumbi: Residents urged to eat fruits, vegetables
Fruits and vegetables
Most people suffer from malnutrition due to little knowledge on the foods they should eat and how to prepare them.
Dr. Fred Muhairwe revealed to Gicumbi residents March 2012 that if they adopt the culture of eating fruits and vegetables and learn how to prepare balanced diet, malnutrition will be eradicated.
Lack of sleep is one of the effects of malnutrition to the person with it. This can be reversed by taking plenty of fruits, vegetables and red meat which are rich in vitamins that promote good sleep, adds Dr Muhairwe.
Explaining the importance of fruits and vegetables, Dr. Muhairwe says that malnutrition is caused by serotonin reduction in the body due to lack of vitamins.
According to the research, serotonin reduction can be caused by lack of vitamin C, vitamin B6 and mineral salts.
He advises everyone to value the importance of fruits and vegetables in their lives and to eat well balanced diet so as to have health bodies.


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