Saturday, 17 March 2012

Rwanda : Cultivation season for 2012B experiences unexpected sunshine

Kamonyi district is preparing to sow beans in the season 2012B on 750 hectares of landthough those who started earlier are said to face more sunshine than anticipated.
Cultivation season for 2012B 300x163  Rwanda : Cultivation season for 2012B experiences unexpected sunshine
Towards the end of February when rain started falling, some farmers sown beans and they are now saying that for the past week, their beans had started withering due to lack of rain.
Though people are still planting, they are very worried about sunshine that is becoming much and they think that when rain comes, it will be too much and might destroy even what they planted later.
Some of the these farmers have stopped planting to first see what is going to happen with this ever changing climate.
Justin Mukiza the agronomist in Kamonyi district said that climate change is bothering farmers and it is making them insecure. They are expecting much rain in May and for that reason, they are calling people to finish planting beans by 15th.march.2012.
In this season of cultivation, they will also plant maize on 2000 hectares, vegetables on 305 hectares and rice on 220 hectares while cassava will be on 13567 hectares area.


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