Monday, 19 March 2012

Rwanda : Processing beer out of banana taking him to greater heights

Jean Damascene Semwiza, resident of Sahera village in Mukura sector Huye district is a banana farmer and at the same time brews alcoholic drink called ‘Indakamirwa’.
Rwanda Processing beer out of banana
Other than people who buy fermented banana juice to process the same kind of alcohol, Semwiza decided to always buy unfermented banana to process the drink as a way of avoiding friction that might arise from people who supply poorly fermented banana juice.
Semwiza uses any type of Matoke (banana) to process her product ‘Indakamirwa’ but mostly considers the type of Matoke called fiya because it produces a lot of juice than other types of Matoke. She buys each kilogram of Matoke at Rwf100 from distant places and Rwf80 near her processing factory respectively.

Rwanda Processing beer out of banana 1
A bottle of ‘Indakamirwa’ is bought at Rwf300 on retail and at Rwf220 on whole sale. The main market targets places of ‘Indakamirwa’ alcohol are the districts of Huye, Nyaruguru and Gisagara.
Semwiza says to have not yet started enjoying the benefits of her business because he is still struggling to find a better place where he can work from and increase on the production capacity but out of the three tones of Matoke he can benefit Rwf700, 000.
Semwiza was a motorcyclist before joining taxi driving after buying a car when he was also practicing piggery farming at the same time. He now sold off the taxi vehicle and bought the pickup hilux which helps him carry the Matoke he uses in processing his product of ‘Indakamirwa’. He has built a standard processing factory near his home even though he hopes to expand his business in future whereby he will even use his homestead and may be shift somewhere else where he plans to build.
After venturing in to processing Indakamirwa alcohol, he also started practicing banana plantation farming on a one hectare piece of land whereby he planted one type of Matoke called fiya for its great produce of fermented juiced used in processing Indakamirwa alcohol.
Rwanda Processing beer out of banana 2
Semwiza banana plantation garden is still young but he expects to get every good harvest according to how he well prepared his garden and how he currently follows them up to ensure that nothing affects their well being.


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