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Rwanda | Rukomo: health advisors inaugurates business premises worth Rwf 15m

The health advisors of Rukomo health center in Rukomo sector -Nyagatare District on the 25th.Aug.2012 officially opened their building that is worth 15 million francs that they built in Rukomo trading center.
Rukomo: health advisors inaugurates business premises worth Rwf 15m

Léopold Ntegeyiminsi the president of these health advisors said that one room on the front will be used as a cooperative office and the other room be used for trading purposes of construction materials and the rest be made a store of crops yet the rooms at the back will provide as guests room and the other as a sleeping room for the traders.
Rukomo: health advisors inaugurates business premises worth Rwf 15m

Judith Mugirente the vice president of the cooperative for health advisors in this sector said that apart from this house, the cooperative has about 18 million francs on their accounts and this money is what they plan to use as capital in trading construction materials. They also plan on buying a vehicle so soon that will help them in their crop production trading and every day work of the cooperative.
Dr Freddy Sangala the acting director of Nyagatare district who attended this inauguration said that doing such projects is to give value and dignity to themselves.
This was supported by the vice mayor for the social affairs Charlotte Musabyimana who said that such actions help the district attain development and even fulfill their performing contracts and said that the district will support them if ever they need any support and to keep developing.
This cooperative was formerly made up of 220 members and which some who were leaders in local authorities later left after being asked by the Ministry of Local governments to stop interfering with health advisors and concentrate on their work and now they are 165 members only.
This cooperative operates in Rukomo Health center in 6 cells of Rukomo and Gatunda sectors in Nyagatare district.

Rwanda : Kagame Warns Of Tough Action Against Exiles Causing Insecurity

Kagame warns of tough action Rwanda : Kagame warns of tough action against exiles causing insecurity
During the 2010 presidential polls campaign, President Kagame got by-far the biggest crowd in Gicumbi district, estimated at the time to have been more than 180,000 supporters.
President Kagame warned on Monday that government would deal decisively with any elements that will try to destabilize any part of the country – on a visit to Gicumbi district, in Northern Province.
“All appropriate means will be used including force,” said the President specifically mentioning Rwandans outside the country. He did not name any names, but it was clear he was referring to Rwandan exiles.
“Those who may intend to destroy what we have achieved should know that we will not accept this,” said Kagame at a ground in Mukarange sector. “When you build something, you have to ensure it lasts, and guard it against destruction.”
Gicumbi district has distinguished itself a hotbed for President Kagame’s support. During campaigns for the 2010 presidential polls, President Kagame pulled by far the largest crowd – estimated at the time to have been more than 180,000. The hills around the campaign grounds were all filled with chanting supporters.
In Northern Province, the President has visited very often. For Gicumbi district, President Kagame was last there in June last year. Returning there today, the Head of State toured income generating activities of a one Gervais Uzabakiriho who has development from a single cow given to him under the One-Cow-per Poor family program, into one of the imminent individuals in the district.
Poverty must be down to zero
Addressing thousands at Mukarange sector grounds, President Kagame said everybody could work their way up the income ladder – if they did not waste time on consuming banned substances like “Kanyanga”. Much of the banned alcoholic drinks come into Gicumbi from across the border in Uganda.
“Every one of you has what it takes to get where they want. If we all work together, we can even go beyond our expectations,” said the President, adding that the 49 percent still poor was unacceptable. He said neither 30% nor 20 % was acceptable.
“We should all work hard and eradicate, not reduce poverty. You all know this is possible if we work together.”
Symbol for national liberation
Earlier, the Mayor of Gicumbi told the President that they were faced with a serious challenge of infrastructure and electricity – outlining major roads which needed construction or repairs. In response, Local Government Minister, James Musoni, said the President had agreed with the requests and work would start immediately.
Gicumbi district, specifically Mukarange sector, is no stranger to President Kagame’s presence. During the liberation struggle between 1990-1994, the Rwanda Patriotic Front/Army had a large contingent of its force operating in the many hills dotting the area. Some of the fiercest battles were fought in that area – which became a major launch pad for RPF’s advance to Kigali.
Perhaps it was the reason why private individuals today presented President Kagame with a gift symbolizing national liberation and protection. It was designed for him. They told the President that the people of that area were proud to have been part of the struggle to liberate Rwanda, asking him to return any time.
From nothing to 7,000 chicken
For his part, President Kagame informed Gicumbi residents that he will be visiting regularly for discussions on progress and what will be missing.
During the usual question and answer session, a woman narrated how she had grown from nothing to currently owning more than 7,000-chicken business and other money-making projects. She said her successes had brought her a house, vehicle and all her children were attending good schools.
Responding to a query about a wheat factory that has been in that area for years, but was not using up the wheat produced there, President Kagame directed the Ministry of Agriculture to provide a solution as a matter of urgency. On a contractor who employed dozens of people, but left without paying them, the President called for seizure of his cash left with the district to pay the affected workers as well as find him wherever he could be.
The Northern Province is home to some of the biggest national structures. It is home to the first cancer centre in this region of Africa. The centre is housed in the state-of-the-art Butare Hospital – managed through collaboration between Partners in Health and government.
The north is also home to the Rwanda Defence Force Command and Staff College in Nyakinama, as well as the National Police Academy. The northern part of Rwanda is also a major source of food for the country due to its climate. The province is also said to be the most populated, and specifically, Gicumbi is actually the most populated district.
Kagame warns of tough action 2 Rwanda : Kagame warns of tough action against exiles causing insecurity

Rwanda : Population Urged To Report Cases Of Omission As Census Grinds To Halt

m The 2012 census to cost Rwf16 Rwanda : Population urged to report cases of omission as census grinds to halt
Rwandans will be counted for the fourth time in August 2012
Census officials in Kirehe District have urged locals to flag cases of being omitted from the census register by informing local officials or those conducting the census elsewhere.
The NISR official charged with Kirehe District, Njamahoro Basile, revealed that census activities are set to come to a close tomorrow (28th August), barring any unforeseen complications.
He further outlined that no major complications had arisen in the counting process, with the exception of a few individuals who initially resisted being counted due to religious beliefs. However, even those eventually relented and were enumerated, after being persuaded of the merits of the census.
The 4th National Census of Housing and Population has been underway nationwide since the 16thAugust, and will be concluded on the 30th if the initial schedule holds.
Preliminary results are expected out by the end of this year, with final results to be published at the tail-end of the year 2013.

Rwanda | Nyamasheke: Ninzi Residents Acclaim “Agaciro Development Fund”

Nyamasheke Ninzi residents acclaim “Agaciro development fund” Rwanda | Nyamasheke: Ninzi residents acclaim “Agaciro development fund”
Residents of Ninzi cell, Kagano sector in Nyamasheke district will contribute and display their dignity through “Agaciro Development Fund” a project they responded to from 26Aug 2012 after community work.
This was during the activity of preparing the site for the building staff quarters and clearing the nearby roads in end of month community work.
Jean Damascene Nshimiyimana, executive secretary of Kagano sector encouraged residents that gathered to take part in contributing to ADF (Agaciro Development Fund) which aims at promoting development of Rwandans.
Nshimiyimana explained there is no law to make everybody contribute but encouraged them to contribute because that money will come to their benefit through development programs.
During after community work talk, residents were told on how it’s their right to access services at all leadership sectors, so they should not accept their rights to be violated through bribing.
Noella Mukarugomwa, in charge of good governance and dealing with residents’ problems reminded them to use the free line and report to district authorities in case of poor services delivery.
Information on what is malnutrition, what causes and how to prevent it was given to the residents of Ninzi cell and asked them to maintain hygiene for their children and have kitchen gardens in their homes. 

Rwanda : Nyaruguru District Triples Efforts In Realizing The 2011-2012 Performance Contract Pledges

rwanda map1 Rwanda : Nyaruguru district triples efforts in realizing the 2011 2012 performance contract pledges
Nyaruguru , in Southern Rwanda, hails team spirit for improving the district’s performance in the 2011-2012 performance contracts. Nyaruguru ranked 29th,  among the other district of Rwanda.
Nyaruguru district Mayor, François Habitegeko, disclosed the information last Thursday, at the sidelines of a one-day meeting at Kigali Serena Hotel, to release – among others − results on how Rwanda’s 30 districts achieved the 2011-2012 performance contracts, in the presence of Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame.
“I thank all the district personnel for the team spirit that has characterized us. We have done the best we could, but we have to move a step further [in the 2012-2013 performance contracts], said Mayor Habitegeko.
In a nutshel, Nyaruguru district has performed better than in the 2010-2011 year of performance contracts when it came in the 29th position, having now moved three places better to be in the 26thposition out of 30 districts across the country. And this year, the district average mark score [for all 30 districts] stands at more than 80%, far better than in the 2010-2011 performance contracts.
But worse still, Nyaruguru has ranked the last out of eight districts making up the Southern Province of Rwanda, that is, respectively, Kamonyi district in the second place countrywide, Huye in the fourth, Gisagara in the eighth, Muhanga in the twelfth, Ruhango in the fourteenth, Nyamagabe in the fifteenth, Nyanza in the twenty-second and then Nyaruguru district [in the 26th position].
Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame initiated the performance contracts in 2006, as a way of boosting the country’s development through acknowledging and rewarding best performing leaders, among others.

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Rwanda | Rwanda Hosts E.A. Police Command Chiefs Addressing Security Issues

m Rwanda hosts E Rwanda | Rwanda hosts E.A. Police command Chiefs addressing security issues
The East African Police Command Chiefs Organization (EAPCCO) has launched “the Police command post exercise” (PCPX) codenamed “solidarity” aimed at effectively combat  transnational and cross border crimes, Rwanda National Police (RNP) hosted the event.
 While some east African countries have been facing terrorist attacks, this is intended to tackle all terrorism; human trafficking and peace instability related matters, though there are some doubts whether the regional cooperation will work as needed.
This exercise aims to harmonize police practices and procedures in order to improve EAPCCO members’ collective capability to fight cross-border and transnational crimes. Based on Interpol best practices, PCPX is supposed to ensure participants have a standard operating procedure as far as combating internationally organized crimes is concerned.
At the end of the exercise, about sixty participants from twelve countries will have skills required using Interpol tools and databases where they will be proving the power of timely, secure and rapid exchange of information; according to Director of PCPX, Superintendent Felix Namuhoranye.
Elizabeth Kutesa, The Director for National Central Bureau and Regional Police Services (NRPS) unit of International Police, has insisted on the regional cooperation in her remark, mentioning that transnational crimes like terrorism are beyond each country’s prevention capability.
She said “if you look at the terrorist attacks in Kampala, Nairobi and Dar-es-salaam to mention a few examples, we see crime committed in one country, being organized and planned in another country, by criminal groups which are based in a third country”.
The EAPCCO Chairman, Inspector General of Rwanda Police Emmanuel Gasana, has challenged the regional police chiefs, and PCPX organizers and participants. “With the emergency security concerns in our region and beyond, PCPX will test your abilities to combat cross borders crimes. This exercise will enhance our exchange towards having a region where citizens enjoy maximum security and human rights.”
Some of twelve east-African countries forming EAPCCO are Common wealth members. This huge community has principals and resolutions in different areas including policing standards. Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) has worked on policing issues in East Africa since 2001.
Each country will be required to ensure and strongly manage financial issues in order to have enough equipment and well trained personnel for the comprehension of the planned objectives.
On the other hand, all countries representatives have shown their commitment to this new and technical collaboration, with the objective of bringing EAPCCO law enforcement together in a theoretical training in three responsive areas and thereafter do a centrally-controlled joint exercise with intent to put theory to practice.
This exercise would be maintained on a yearly basis for a permanent exchange and update towards lasting security among East African member countries, ensuring favourable environment for investment and more development in various areas including social welfare and economic growth. 

Rwanda : Carnegie Mellon University Officially Launches In Rwanda

m Carnegie Mellon University officially launches in Rwanda Rwanda : Carnegie Mellon University officially launches in Rwanda
CMU-R Director Bruce H Krogh
The US based Carnegie Mellon University officially launched its Rwandan campus on Friday August 24 where they will be offering a Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT).
The programme according to the CMU-R Director Bruce H Krogh is a multidisciplinary curriculum that strikes a fine balance between technology, business, and innovation, which prepares the next generation of IT leaders in East Africa.
CMU is the first top ranked U.S. research institution to offer graduate degrees in Africa with an in-country presence and resident faculty.
The campus which is currently operating from Telecom House opened its lectures with twenty-Five students two of whom are from Kenya and Uganda.
Speaking at the launch, Krogh said that CMU-R is introducing new models of education, research and development, and the commercialization of information and communications technology (ICT) in a region booming with opportunities.
“We got interest in Africa and especially in Rwanda because it is a place where things have begun to happen in a big way. There is potential in Africa,” said Krogh.
In his remarks, the Minister of Education Dr. Vincent Biruta showed optimism in the CMU-R programme and said that the government of Rwanda in partnering with CMU, it expected to have the next generation of world class graduates who will push forward Rwanda’s vision of becoming an ICT hub.
On behalf of the students, Kevin Rudahinduka thanked the government of Rwanda for the giving them the opportunity to study the programme.
He said that expectations from them are high, but they would work hard to be the catalysts of change in Africa.
Rwanda has agreed to pay 50% scholarships as tuition fees at Carnegie Mellon University –Rwanda for all East African students who get admitted to the university..
The annual tuition fee is US$ 38,900 and the scholarships will cover half of that. Scholarships are available for both the Master’s program and professional development courses.
The university currently plans to construct a permanent facility. The $13 million funded by the African Development Bank (AfDB).
CMU-R permanent campus is set to be constructed at the Kigali Free Trade Zone, Nyandungu Sector, Gasabo District.
According to CMU-R officials, the project is estimated to take two to three years.

Rwanda : Returnees Equipped With Basic Skills

rwanda map1 Rwanda : Returnees equipped with basic skills
The third phase, of the Project Enhancing   Socio-Economic Reintegration Opportunities for returnees includes training them in different basic skills.
The projected by the Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugee Affairs, in partnership with the International Organization for Migration with the support from the government of Japan kicked off with trainings to returnees in a bid to equip returnees with basic skills.
“It’s necessary to have returnees acquire basic skills to survive, it will help them catch up with the country’s development,” H.E Kuno Hatanaka, Japanese special envoy says.
The refugee returnees and other vulnerable people will be helped to acquire skills to generate income when reintegrated into a community.
“Refugee returnees are used to free handouts, which makes them reluctant to cater for their needs hence the requirement to give them survival means,” Antoine Ruvebana, permanent secretary in the ministry of refugees and disaster management revealed, calling upon returnees to think big.
Over 11,000 returnees will benefit from the trainings and other programmes.
Training courses include carpentry, masonry, welding, knitting, tailoring, mechanics and hairdressing.
Most of the returnees hail from Democratic Republic of Congo, where they escaped to after committing genocide atrocities in Rwanda, in 1994.

Rwanda : Kicukiro District Runs First, In Performance Contracts

KicukiroDist Rwanda : Kicukiro district runs first, in performance contracts
Kicukiro district in Kigali emerged the best district in implementing 2012 performance contracts’ pledges.
All districts achieved above 82 per cent of their development targets, while ministries achieved 81 per cent of their set targets.
Kamonyi became second while Bugesera was the third district, countrywide.
Gasabo was at 10th position, Nyarugenge 29th while Rutsiro became the last district.
Performance indicators included the districts’ ability to resolve citizens’ complaints, functioning of community assemblies, the availability of performance contracts at family and sector level, as well as exemplary management of finances.
Others included socio-economic integration of historically marginalized people and empowerment of people with disabilities, women and the youth.
In 2009-2010 the average of performance contract success was 63.3 per cent making the latest performance better than the previous years.
Minister of Local Government, James Musoni says the performance contracts (Imihigo) have been central in building a culture of accountability and efficiency among the districts.

Rwanda : 80 Counterfeiters Arrested In Rwamagana District

Rwanda police Rwanda : 80 counterfeiters arrested in Rwamagana district
Police in Rwamagana district, Eastern province are holding in custody eighty men in connection with making and circulating fake Rwandan money.
During a Police operation, on Wednesday, over   400,000 Rwf fake notes were found in possession by the arrested suspects.
“People should be calm because the act of arresting those involved shows how much police is vigilant in arresting such crimes,” Supt Theo Badege, Police Spokesperson said.
He called upon residents to be highly alert about fake notes.
Local media reports indicate that over 20m Rwf fake notes are in circulation in Rwamagana district.
One of the suspects, a Burundian national from Muyinga Province, confessed to the crime.
The accused used to mix paint and use scanner to print cash mostly 2000 and 5000 Rwandan franc notes.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Rwanda : Agaciro Development Fund Gets Big Boost At Launch

Untitled2 Rwanda : Agaciro Development Fund gets big boost at launch
The Agaciro Development Fund which was officially launched this Thursday August 23 has been boosted by individuals, private companies and organizations through in a massive fundraising drive that was attended by President Paul Kagame.
At the close of the event which attracted people of all walks of lives, a total of Rwf1.2 billion had been collected in both cash and pledges.
Speaking at the launch, President Kagame said that the burden of developing the country primarily lies in the hands of Rwandans themselves.
What is Agaciro Development Fund?
The Agaciro Development Fund is a solidarity fund that has been initiated by Rwandans to deal with the increasingly unpredictable levels of financing received by donors.
According to the Minister of Finance and Economic planning John Rwangombwa however, the fund is not coming to substitute the existing funds but rather to supplement it.
The president in his address also echoed the same and said that the fund does not come to change the relationship with others (donors) but rather to strengthen the value in the relationship.
“The uniqueness of the fund is that it is Rwandans themselves that will finance it.  It will join other existing funds meant to finance Rwanda’s development programmes,” says Rwangombwa.
The establishment of the fund was first mooted in last year’s Umushyikirano meeting where it was agreed that a mutual fund be put in place specifically to finance rural development as a way of fast tracking Vision 2020.
Recent threats from donor countries led to many Rwandans to call for the immediate establishment of the fund giving it the ‘Agaciro’ name loosely translated as self value.
What will the funds do?
The Agaciro Development Fund will likely not be able to raise the levels of funding needed to cover budgetary support, but it sets the tone that Rwandans will work together to drive their own development; giving the entire Rwandan population a level of direct ownership in the nation’s projects.
At the end of every year, citizens will, through their representatives, come together to determine developmental programmes the funds can be used for.
Who will contribute into it?
Funding for Agaciro can be done by every individual Rwandan voluntarily. It can also be done by Rwandans living in the diaspora and friends of Rwanda. Rwangombwa says that no one will be obliged to contribute to it, but it remains voluntary.
How will the contributions put in the fund?
The Ministry of Finance has opened three accounts in the name of ‘Agaciro Development Fund” in the three banks namely; The National Bank of Rwanda, Bank of Kigali and Banque Populaire. People are encouraged to deposit their contributions in these banks.
The Ministry has also made an arrangement with the three telecom companies (MTN, Tigo, Airtel) where people will be sending money to the fund which can be deducted from their airtime.
How the fund will be managed?
The management of the solidarity fund according to Minister Rwangombwa will be managed like any other public finance funds.
“This is public funds. It will be followed up by the Ministry of Finance, but we shall also have to put in place proper management in the near future. This team will be charged with the day today management of the fund.
Commenting on the management issue, president Kagame called for transparency and channels through which people’s questions will be answered.

Rwanda : 16 Cell Offices To Be Built In Nyaruguru District By The End Of 2012

NyaruguruDist Rwanda : 16 cell offices to be built in Nyaruguru district by the end of 2012
In a one-day meeting held in Nyaruguru district conference hall on Wednesday, close to 100 district officials have renewed their commitment to building 16 cell offices by the end of this year of 2012 as part of a much wider plan to increase the district infrastructure facilities.

Cell offices are expected to be put up in 10 of Nyaruguru’s 14 sectors, which are Busanze, Cyahinda, Kivu, Kibeho, Muganza, Munini, Ngera, Nyabimata, Ruramba and Rusenge sectors. And the cell offices to be built are Runyombi in Busanze, Cyahinda (cell office) in Cyahinda (sector), Kibeho (cell office) in Kibeho (sector), Rukore, Muganza, Uwacyiza and Samiyonga in Muganza, Ngarurira and Ngeri in Munini, Bitare in Ngera, Kabere, Nyabimata and Ruhinga in Nyabimata, Rugogwe in Ruramba, Cyuna in Rusenge and Kimina in Kivu sector.
The Southern Province’s Nyaruguru district has got a total of 72 cells, 56 of which with already brand new cell offices.
The 16 supplement cell offices, which have so far been operating in rental facilities, will see Nyaruguru in possession of a total of 72 cell offices matching its 72 cells.
“We vow that by December 31, every cell [in Nyaruguru] will be having its cell office”, Raphael Uwimana − a district officer in charge of good governance − told the gathering, as a carbon copy reminder of what cell leaders had agreed earlier during a May two-week retreat of cell leaders across the Southern Province, held at Nkumba in Burera district, Northern Province.
And Fabien Niyitegeka, Nyaruguru district Deputy Mayor in charge of Finance, Economy and Development went an extra mile to emphasize the call.
“It would sound shameful if we [Nyaruguru officials] failed to implement the very idea we pioneered”, said Niyitegeka, stressing that their “idea” has now been turned into a national policy, with cells across the country – those without their own cell offices yet – having to follow suit.
But some in the audience already think they won’t go as far as being ashamed as a result of missing their self-imposed deadline.
“It’s going to be feasible because we have already started building the foundation for our cell office”, said Innocent Ntigura, executive secretary of Kabere cell in Nyabimata sector.
It’s still unclear how much the construction will have cost by the completion of cell offices. What’s now clear though is that the population efforts will play a big role in the construction process and the district top leadership will be left with providing cement and roofing materials.
The new cell offices are set to be “fully operational by March 2013”.
People in the meeting attendance included executive secretaries for Nyaruguru’s 14 sectors and the ones for its 72 cells, plus the district top leadership.

Rwanda : Nyaruguru District Gets A Children’s Forum Committee

300px NyaruguruDist Rwanda : Nyaruguru district gets a children’s forum committee
A six-child forum committee has been voted at the Nyaruguru district level, in Southern Rwanda, as part of the country’s programme to elect child representatives in a bid to best channel their fellows’ problems to higher instances for solutions.

A total of 84 children, six per each of Nyaruguru’s 14 sectors, made up the electorate. And six children – all of them teens – emerged as the winners after the voting process. They occupy six corresponding positions, namely a president, a deputy president, a secretary, two counselors or advisers and a representative of the disabled.
Bonafide Fanaka, Augustin Bavugibumva, Valentine Uwamahoro, Brigitte Shukuru, Alexis Nshimiyimana and Noella Uwase, respectively, were voted to fill in the posts for a three-year term in office.
“I will put much effort in having a cultural troop and I will make sure that my fellow children’s concerns get enough advocacy at much more competent instances”, said 15-year-old Fanaka, as she detailed her manifesto.
A first-year high school student in Ngera sector, Fanaka says there used to be a children’s “underrepresentation” at decision-making levels, and believes the newly-elected forum committee will help reverse the situation.
Equally optimistic is Noella Uwase, 15, who has been voted to represent children with disability at the Nyaruguru district level.
“Thanks to a good rapport I already have with the head teacher at our school HVP Gatara [a school of disabled in Southern Rwanda], I will advocate for the disabled children across Nyaruguru to get wheel-chairs”, said Uwase, a first-year high school student.
These are unpaid roles, but children don’t mind. These child leaders will only be getting incentives like bus tickets to reach the meeting venues and will be offered a wide range of workshop trainings.
According to Raphael Uwimana, a district officer in charge of good governance, the children’s forum committee will make children “self-confident” and help “build a leadership spirit from the grassroots level”.
Similar child committees have also been set up in each of Nyaruguru’s 72 cells and 14 sectors and at theumudugudu (literally village) level – Rwanda’s smallest administrative unit.
As Uwimana put it, the current child representatives constitute a “renewed, very much operational” form of the old committees that date back to 2009. 

Rwanda | Nyamasheke: Local People Told To Avoid Problems Concerning DRCongo

m NyamashekeDist 300x174 Rwanda | Nyamasheke: local people told to avoid Problems concerning DRCongo
Security Authorities in Rusizi and Nyamasheke districts have warned residents over people who would lead them into confrontations between Congolese, saying problems of neighbouring DR. Congo are to be judged wisely.

Lieutenant Colonel Masumbuko who heads army in the area said during the general security meeting in Nyamasheke district on the Tuesday the 21st.Aug.2012 as he approached the problem of insecurities of DRC and how Rwanda has been falsely blamed for being involved in the matter.
He went on to explain to people that the government of Rwanda is doing all it can to prove that Rwanda has no involvement in Congo insecurities and asked those who were in the meeting to explain to all people the situation and to make them settle and do their work and develop themselves.
Among the evidence compiled in the UN report on the Rwanda’s involvement in DRC insecurity problems that Rwanda supports the rebel group M23 but this is being proved to be wrong like the army card they said is for Rwandan soldiers that belongs to Captain Saddat Janvier which was later proved that the owner is a Congolese who is a former soldier of CNDP and in 2009 joined the government forces of FARDC.

Rwanda : Kagame Honors Ethiopia’s Late PM With ONE-MINUTE Silence

Kagame honors Ethiopia’s late PM with ONE MINUTE silence Rwanda : Kagame honors Ethiopia’s late PM with ONE MINUTE silence
President Kagame (2nd right) speaks at an event in Ethiopia on May 09, 2012. From left looking on: Deceased PM Meles Zenawi, Tanzania’s President Jakaya Kikwete and ex-AU commission chair, Jean Ping.  (Photo: PPU)
 In a move that surprised everybody, President Kagame on Thursday asked all people attending a major function in Kigali to stand up for a one-minute moment of silence in honor of former Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi who died on Tuesday.
President Kagame was preparing to address the inauguration of the Agaciro Development Fund, a new sovereign fund in which all Rwandans will be encouraged to put any amount of money, which will be used to finance large state projects. But before he could deliver his speech, Mr Kagame asked the conference hall including top officials and diplomats to stand up.
Sounding emotional, President Kagame said a moment of silence would be observed as a gesture of solidarity with the Ethiopian people. Premier Zenawi was not a leader for Ethiopia alone, but an eminent leader for the entire African continent, said Kagame.
“He was a man of dignity,” said Kagame, in a low tone.
After the minute silence, President Kagame moved to his speech on the new Fund. Speaking without using the written speech, he indirectly lashed out at western critics – especially donor nations, some of which have recently announced aid suspension. Critics are speaking about the new fund as a response to the aid loss, which is not correct.
The idea of setting a sovereign fund has been around for more than four years and was approved by the National Dialogue in 2010. What is happening now is only the implementation.
The latest gesture of honor to the deceased Ethiopian PM from Rwanda comes a day after President Kagame sent a personal message of condolence to the family and people of Ethiopia.

Rwanda : Kagame Leads Rwandans To Setting Up Sovereign Fund (Pictorial)

At the launch of the Agaciro Development on Thursday, presided over by President Paul Kagame, Rwf 1.2billion (US$2million) was pledged on the first day. We bring you photos of what transpired at the history-changing event which took place 23 August 2012 at Hotel Serena, Kigali. (All photos courtesy of PPU)
Kagame leads Rwandans to setting up sovereign fund pictorial Rwanda : Kagame leads Rwandans to setting up sovereign fund (pictorial)
President Paul Kagame addressing the inauguration event at Hotel Serena, Kigali, August 23, 2012
Kagame leads Rwandans to setting up sovereign fund pictorial 2 Rwanda : Kagame leads Rwandans to setting up sovereign fund (pictorial)

President Kagame shares light moment with the Prime Minister, Dr Pierre Damien Habumuremyi

Kagame leads Rwandans to setting up sovereign fund pictorial 3 Rwanda : Kagame leads Rwandans to setting up sovereign fund (pictorial)
First Lady, H.E. Jeannette Kagame (centre), put Rwf 2million into the Fund and also pledged her support to the success of the idea

Kagame leads Rwandans to setting up sovereign fund pictorial 4 Rwanda : Kagame leads Rwandans to setting up sovereign fund (pictorial)
Defense Minister, Gen James Kabarebe listens to Natural Resources Minister, Amb Stanislas Kamanzi at the event

Kagame leads Rwandans to setting up sovereign fund pictorial 5 Rwanda : Kagame leads Rwandans to setting up sovereign fund (pictorial)
President Kagame (centre) had a photo session with some of the Rwandans who made pledges to the Fund

Kagame leads Rwandans to setting up sovereign fund pictorial 6 Rwanda : Kagame leads Rwandans to setting up sovereign fund (pictorial)
During the event, once the pledging session began, nobody wanted to be left behind. Some Rwandan said they would contribute to the Fund all their lifetime

Kagame leads Rwandans to setting up sovereign fund pictorial 7 Rwanda : Kagame leads Rwandans to setting up sovereign fund (pictorial)
It was all smiles, dance and party mood at the Agaciro Development Fund launch

Kagame leads Rwandans to setting up sovereign fund pictorial 8 Rwanda : Kagame leads Rwandans to setting up sovereign fund (pictorial)
Some of the participants at the event carried messages depicting what they think about the Fund
Kagame leads Rwandans to setting up sovereign fund pictorial 9 Rwanda : Kagame leads Rwandans to setting up sovereign fund (pictorial)
The party mood was in the event conference room from minute one of the inaugural session. Millions of Rwandans in and outside Rwanda have vowed to stand by the project

Kagame leads Rwandans to setting up sovereign fund pictorial 10 Rwanda : Kagame leads Rwandans to setting up sovereign fund (pictorial)
President Kagame listens to Finance Minister, John Rwangombwa at the Agaciro Development Fund launch
Kagame leads Rwandans to setting up sovereign fund pictorial 11 Rwanda : Kagame leads Rwandans to setting up sovereign fund (pictorial)
At the event, President Kagame also recognized the best three performing districts in Imihigo implementation. They were Kicukiro, Kamonyi and Bugesera 

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