Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Rwanda | Métyrapone makes a person forget the traumatized past

People usually meet circumstances that traumatize them and they are unable to forget such incidents because there is a part of the brain that stores all the experiences a person passed through and especially the traumatising ones.  Métyrapone medicine has proved to make a person forget such experiences in life.
Rwanda | Métyrapone tablets
Métyrapone tablets
The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism the intellectuals from Montreal University of Canada found out that Métyrapone medicine which has been used in healing brain diseases can also fight against the effects of trauma.
According to Dr. Sonia Lupien the head of this research, said that when a person has trauma because of what he/she remembers and is given this medicine while in sadness, this medicine reduce cortisol hormones which works with the part of the brain that keeps a persons’ bad experiences in life.
Dr Sonia Lupien goes on to explain that this research was carried on 33 people who were put in 3 groups and some were given this medicine after being told a hurtful story while others were given after being told a story that doesn’t have an effect on life.
It was found out that those who were given medicine after a sad story forgot the most painful parts of the story though they tried hard but remembered vividly other parts of the story.
This research came to oppose and to correct what Psychatriachs said that there is nothing that can erase a person’s memories that a kept well in the brain whether good or bad.
Dr Sonia Lupien said that since this medicine is no longer used, it would be difficult for everyone to find it.


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