Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Ghost of the past to screen at Goethe Institute

The Ghost of the past to screen at Goethe InstituteGoethe’s Tuesday screening is here again with The Ghost of the Past set to premiere on 10th September 2013. The acclaimed 2000 film drama by Christian Petzold shows the challenge of growing up with the parents’ burdens and how they affect the following generation.

Jeanne is fifteen years old and although she is a teenager, her life is very different from the life of her peers. She lives with her parents, former terrorists Clara and Hans and now fugitives of their own past. Forced to always being on the run, friendships become dangerous and the permanent fear of getting caught collides with the desire of a normal life. While her parents are preparing the next coup, Jeanne falls in love with a boy and is not ready to give up that little bit of normality.

The events become dangerous as they are tracked down by the police and their chaotic family life is threatened. The Ghost of the Past is a movie about growing up with the burdens of the past and learning to let go. Its screening will take place at 6.30 pm, and as usual entrance will be free.


The Ghost of the past to screen at Goethe Institute


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