Friday, 20 September 2013

Darfur Diaspora gets new leaders

Darfur Diaspora gets new leaders

The Rwanda Diaspora in Darfur has elected a new leadership team including; Kalisa Sulaiman as chairman, Gatsinzi Jane as Secretary, Fravia Nantare as treasurer.

The new Diaspora leadership team was welcomed by Ambassador Joseph Mutaboba who wished them a fruitful term. Joseph Mutaboba recently appointed as Deputy Joint Special Representative for UNAMID at RWANBATT 37 super camp in El Fasher.

Rwandans in Darfur are composed of military, Police and Civilians who serve in the UN missions and a small percentage is now getting involved in the business activities.

The new leadership will be expected to coordinate social, political and economic activities in which Rwanda and Sudan are involved and also promote their country’s development, of which president Paul Kagame has continuously asked of all Rwandans living abroad.

Rwandans especially peacekeeping forces in Darfur have made tremendous contributions to restoring peace in the war torn region of Sudan and have also participated in various community development activities- social and economic- using the model example of Rwanda’s commitment to nation building after the 1994 genocide.

Rwandan peacekeepers, in Sudan’s Darfur region, have done more than just keeping peace. Their other socio-economic activities such as engagements in health, water and sanitation projects in order to improve the living conditions of the locals have left Darfur communities in awe.

Rwanda is the sixth major peacekeepers contributing country to the UN, with over 4,000 troops, 400 police (150 female officers), and 13 military observers serving in different countries like South Sudan, Sudan, Haiti, Liberia, Guinea-Bissau and Ivory Coast. The country is the second highest contributor of female police officers worldwide and the first highest contributor of female police officers in Africa.

Rwandan peacekeepers in Darfur have introduced aggressive peacekeeping and used women peacekeepers for protection of vulnerable women and girls in situations of conflict and engaged in activities aimed at fostering conflict resolution mechanisms which have directly impacted lives in Darfur.

Darfur Diaspora gets new leaders


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