Friday, 20 September 2013

Gatsibo Parents’ Evening Program promoting harmonized families

Gatsibo Parents’ Evening Program promoting harmonized families

 The Parent’s Evening Program that brings parents together in villages to discuss about apparent issues affecting their families has led to positive changes in many families in Gatsibo district. This program teaches parents more about governmental, developmental and health programs.

The Parents’ Evening Program has helped in the reduction of domestic conflicts in many families. It has helped curb Gender Based Violence by telling people in the program of the dangers of these issues and giving couples chances to iron out their differences.

People who participate in this program say there can never be a long lasting development with no harmony in their families. The families that achieved harmony due to Parents’; Evening Program are working towards their development.

Gatsibo district administration say domestic conflicts and abuse can be eradicated if people are taught the laws that govern families, the rights and responsibilities of every person in the family.

If all people can understand that every person has rights and responsibilities to fulfill, things can get easier. “For example, if men understood that women have the same rights like men on the property and land management as well as inheritance rights, women would not be buried and abused over those issues” says Felicite Nyiramana.

Gatsibo Parents’ Evening Program promoting harmonized families


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