Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Nyabihu: SACCOs, source of long lasting development

Mukamira sector’s Savings and Credit Cooperative is servicing as the basis for the long lasting development to the sector residents ever since 2009 when it started its operations.

According to Elie Twagirumukiza, the sector’s SACCO is influential in his personal development. “I was a lowly person that hawked maize around the park until I joined SACCO and expanded my business.”

m_SACCOs, source of long lasting development

The newly building for Mukamira SACCO that is worth Rwf33M

 When this SACCO started operating in the sector, local people were encouraged to seek its financial services especially savings and Credits. Twagirumukiza among other residents sought out the SACCO, got credits and worked towards their personal development.

Twagirumukiza first took the credit for Rwf500 0000, paid it back and then got Rwf1 million. With this money he owns a boutique and sells food stuffs. “Since I started working with SACCO, I managed to build my own house worth Rwf1.5 million, I provide for my family and my business is booming.”

This is also admitted by Chantal Mukamuzima a member of Mukamira sector SACCO. “I have bought land in Musanze town and 3 cows so far thanks to the credit services provided by this SACCO.”

The Mukamira sector administration is calling upon all residents to start seeking the financial services provided by this local cooperative for the lasting development. Mukamira SACCO has about 4956 that have changed their social, economic statuses in the last 3 years of its operations reveals Elie Nsingize the manager of this cooperative.

Nyabihu: SACCOs, source of long lasting development


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