Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Strange disease attacks Forests in Western Rwanda

Strange disease attacks Forests in Western Rwanda

Plants wither and become brownish at a tender height

In the Western Province a strange disease has attacked forests in 2 districts which disease affects trees making them dry up while still standing.

“This disease that first affects the leaves of the trees drying them up has so far affected forests planted 2yrs back in the districts of Karongi and Rutsiro”,explained the Ministry of Natural Resources Stanislas Kamanzi.

On the 17/09/2013, the Minister visited such forests to see how badly this disease was affecting them and here he went to Caritas Forest near St. Jean Home, Karongi town and to one on Josi hill in Bwishyura sector, and later he went to Rustiro district.

The nature and causes of this disease is not yet known but the Ministry of Natural Resources plus different researchers but these are doing their best to establish such which will help prevent further tree infection.

 “This disease started affecting young forests with Eucalyptus trees but later spread to other different types of trees”, said Minister Kamanzi.

Kamanzi blamed people in these areas for not giving out information about trees with such symptoms [dried up leaves], yet even their trees were affected, hence called on residents to always give out such information which will help the government fight such an intimidating disease.

Strange disease attacks Forests in Western Rwanda


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