Sunday, 22 September 2013

Rukara: residents grateful to World Vision for Nyarutarama village

Residents of Nyarutarama village in Karambo I in Rukara sector in Kayonza district are grateful to World Vision Organization for building this villager and evacuating them form Risky areas.

World Vision Organization in Rukara sector built this village as a humanitarian project to encourage people evacuating from High Risk Zones into villages with infrastructure.


 Rose Mukashema who resides in this village says she was living in Kigali city with her 5 children after her husband abandoned them. “It was hopeless and hectic until World Vision took in my children and agreed to support them that bi relocated in this village which is the best place I could be.”

Though people in this village are grateful of being there, some say the houses need renovation and they seek help from the government and the World Vision to help in the renovation program before hand.


Rukara sector administration with the support of World vision intends to solve this issue of renovating the houses in this village in the nearby future according to Gervais Ntirenganya the executive secretary of the sector.

Residents of Nyarutaram village say they live in harmony together as a team. They pray together and have formed a financial scheme to support and develop each other.

Rukara: residents grateful to World Vision for Nyarutarama village


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