Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Auddy Kelly’s concert gets ruined

Auddy Kelly’s concert gets ruined

Auddy Kelly might have thought that by holding his concert at the School of Finance and Banking was a good idea given the fact that he’s a student at the institution, but the show turned out to be bogus disorganized and in total disarray. Not to mention the poor turnout compounded by the frequent power interruptions, it was in the end a total disappointment for the young male singer.

The masters for ceremony got everything wrong including the right time to call artists on stage and that didn’t go down well with Auddy. Speaking to rwandashow.com, the star claimed someone had masterminded an elaborate plan to ruin his concert. He said, “Someone went and told the attendants that we had changed the venue of my concert so the audience got a mixed up piece of information.”

But nonetheless, Auddy remained optimistic that he would get over the disappointment and come out stronger than before. He added, “Everything is a lesson, so I know how to be cautious next time.”

Auddy Kelly’s concert gets ruined


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