Friday, 27 September 2013

Ngororero: local residents get access to clean water

Residents of Nyamuza village in Kagano cell in Sovu sector in Ngororero district are being commended for pulling off the project of providing water to all people without waiting for outside support but through their own hard work.

local residents get access to clean water

The outlay of Nyamuza village

 With Nyamuza village still being rebuilt, shortage of water was an issue that needed urgent solution. This was so until one resident Azalias Hagumintwari brought together all residents and found solution to their water shortage problem.

With Azalias Hagumintwari campaigning, 20 residents supported his endeavors and channeled water from the nearest source in about 550 meters to the village. After channeling this water to the village, the residents built the house to protect the water and the water was only available to people who paid for it.

This encouraged people to pay for the services. Up to now, this water is accessible to 45 people in a cooperative and for one to join this cooperative; a membership fee of Rwf8000 is paid.

local residents get access to clean water 01

The water house for water safety

 According to Joseph Mundanikure the executive secretary of Sovu sector says residents of Nyamuza village should be taken an example of by all residents who sit and wait for a certain organization to provide them with what they need most.

Most residents of Sovu sector still fetch water from Rivers and unclean water sources but they can bring purified water near them if they take an example of Nyamuza village. Nyamuza village has about 70- families.

Ngororero: local residents get access to clean water


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