Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Bugesera preparing farmers for farming season 2014A

Bugesera district is sure farmers will have no excuse to participate in the farming season 2014A after the rain they were anticipating is raining. This is because most farmers miss the first farming season with the excuse that there is no enough rain.

Bugesera farmers

According to Louis Rwagaju the Mayor of Bugesera district, this scapegoat has caused lack of food and consistency in poverty of local people who refuse to farm with the fear that their crops will be stunted.

“The season is conducive now; the rain came on time for all farmers to participate in the farming season. Local people have to change their predictions of the climate and start farming with this rain and stop giving excuses to bail out” says the mayor.

Louis Rwagaju says this is an issue that needs all local leaders to encourage people to farm on time and use the fertilizers towards the eradication of poverty.

“We are going to put more emphasis in encouraging people to farm on time as well as use fertilizers so we have more produce in crops this season than before” says Silas Kambanda the development official in Kibirizi cell in Mayange sector.

Bugesera district is expected to farm maize on 8200 hectares of land. Cassava, beans, soya and pyrethrum will also be grown in this sector on large areas.

Bugesera preparing farmers for farming season 2014A


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