Tuesday, 24 September 2013

I never ruined Auddy Kelly’s concert - Mister One

I never ruined Auddy Kelly’s concert - Mister One

Gig organizer Mister One has refuted claims he was responsible for the poor show of male musician Auddy Kelly, which was slated at the weekend at the School of Finance and Banking in Kigali. It was claimed Mister One had organized another show that would take place at Passadena and which he featured Auddy on his posters without the latter’s knowledge. As it turned out, fans of Auddy were left confused and wanted to know whether there was a change of venue.

The developments led to a section of Auddy’s fans heading for Passadena where Mister One had discretely led them blindly. But the radio presenter denied any involvement in the happenings. He told tukabyine.com, “I was out at Passadena, but I never told anyone that his concert had been relocated here.”

Auddy Kelly on the other had continues to insist that Mister One was fully responsible for the poor turnout of his show, adding that he put his photos on his show’s posters without his consent. He said, “This will serve as a big lesson to me, next time I’ll know how to handle such matters.”

I never ruined Auddy Kelly’s concert - Mister One


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