Friday, 20 September 2013

Local musicians with best videos

Dr. Jiji recently released a video to his song entitled Antere Ibuye and the public reaction was mostly that of outrage and criticism and rightly so. Never before had any Rwandan artist shot a video and gone to an extent of showing so many skimpily dressed women at the same time. The video shows the star together with Bruce Melodie and Ama G The Black romping with the girls freely, a feature that is mostly a hallmark of Western type of music videos. And it’s not that Jiji was oblivion of the fact Rwandans are so much culturally conservative or the fact that the video would provoke such reactions – far from that.

Undoubtedly the video will be classified as one of the best that has been produced this year, albeit the disparagements here and there. Without any doubt video production has gained much necessity as far as artists’ promotion is concerned. Here looks at a few local musicians who have mastered the art of this vital tool.


Urban Boyz

Perhaps the first crew to discover this important secret, Urban Boyz are known not only to produce quality videos, but also to spend significantly on them as well. The group also scooped the best video award at this year’s Salax Awards with their song Bibaye.


Dr. Jiji

Only a few months in the country, and this artist has caught everyone by storm. Jiji’s adventure into music industry has surprised almost everyone including himself perhaps. Collabos with Ama G The Black, Bruce Melodie and other celebrities are among his achievements, but his noticeable quality is the way he invests heavily in his music videos.


Also the winner of Tusker Project Fame season 3, Alpha was almost heading for a downfall after he failed to make a mark on local scene. However his resurgence is clear for everyone to see. His videos are exquisite but the most outstanding is Heaven featuring Hollywood’s actress Meagan Good’s sister, Lamyia Good. The video was shot at the Manhattan Beach in California.

Local musicians with best videos


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