Sunday, 22 September 2013

Ngoma: 12 cows donated in Promotion of Girinka Program


Twelve (12) cows were given to the poor people in Ngoma district in the promotion of Girinka program that intends to have every single Rwandan to own a cow starting with the poor and vulnerable.

These cows were given with the support of the Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB) on the request of the Governor of the Eastern Province of Rwanda.

These cows were given to the vulnerable people in different sectors of Ngoma district as addition to many others that were given to people in this program ever since its initiation in 2006 by the President of Rwanda.

People who were given these cows had prepared for them by planting grasses and built kraals for the cows.

One old lady of about 70 years in Mutendeli sector who was given a cow to rear vows never to drink anything else apart from the milk from her cow. She is grateful of the President Paul Kagame for initiating a program that changed the lifestyles of all Rwandans.


According Gilbert Bugingo the veterinary Doctor in charge of animal husbandry in Ngoma District, though cows are given to the poor folks, they are followed up and helped to have more produce from the cows.

Dr Bugingo goes on to explain that ever since this program started, no single cow has ever died of negligence or lack of food because it was given to the poor people. “We follow up on the people who are given cows; we provide them with medicine to clean them and even when they are sick.”

The mayor for Ngoma district Aphrodise Nambaje asked farmers who were given cows to take good care of them and remember to give to their neighbours when the cows reproduce as the expectations of Girinka Program.

Ngoma district plans to give out about 500 cows to its people in Girinka Program.

Ngoma: 12 cows donated in Promotion of Girinka Program


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