Saturday, 21 September 2013

Why Press One Ent. Is set to dwindle


When Meddy, The Ben and K8 Kavuyo ventured into a new land that is America, everyone thought their music had taken a step back; at least as far as local listen-ship is concerned. But to the surprise of many the trio continued working hard as ever before releasing one track after another. It was then that they decided to set up a label house which they named Press One Entertainment.

They were later joined by Lick Lick, the famous and notorious producer who has also fathered a child with female rapper Paccy. The combination seemed like it would cause panic back in the country to some music producers, given the longevity of Lick Lick in music production. And indeed tracks came flowing quick and fast and fans were quick to appreciate them – until the unimaginable happened. Lick Lick, one of the cornerstones of the label declared he was not part of the label and that he was a mere participant.

It’s then that people started questioning the timing of his words. In an exclusive interview with a celebrity show dubbed The Sunday Night on a local FM station, Lick Lick said, “I am not part of Press One Entertainment. I am just a passerby; therefore I am not tied to the label.” Undoubtedly the most talented producer in the label, Lick Lick decided to walk away on them, but that was after producing the hit songNdi Uw’i Kigali.

With his departure came a big hole that hasn’t been filled yet. The quality of production went down if not completely died. As the long wait for their next song is on, it also remains unclear whether it will be produced by Lick Lick. Either way, his departure left a big loophole that will take forever to fill.

Why Press One Ent. Is set to dwindle


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