Friday, 20 September 2013

Rapper Amagi the Black attacks Legend Jay Polly in new song


Amag Performing

Hip hop star Amagi the black released a new song, blasting Jay Polly,another rapper, and calling him a rival.

The song Umusaza speaks about established artistes who are afraid of competition and resort to naming themselves music legends.

“Competition is good in music though some artists consider staying on top, with no competitors at all,” says Amagi the black.

Amagi said the song would touch a nerve, though to many artists, it would help them improve.

Last year Jay Polly cleared the air that he is not afraid of upcoming rappers calling them kids who have just joined the business finding already hard core stars like him.

The song Umusaza has caused a lot of confusion among the music fans across the country and many of them believe that it’s directly speaking to Jay Polly.

Despite what is being said about the song Umusaza, rapper Jay Polly remains quiet about the issue.

Rapper Amagi the Black attacks Legend Jay Polly in new song


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