Friday, 20 September 2013

Muhororo: Agricultural activities turning local people into farmers

 Farmers in Muhororo sector are being commended for making use productively of the cows provided to them by PAPSTA project. Farmers have used cows given by PAPSTA (the project that supports the agricultural transformation strategic plan) that operates in the Ministry of Agriculture productively by taking care of them, to reproduce and give to their neighbors.


 The 350 farmers in ‘Intwaramihigo za Muhororo’ cooperative in Muhororo sector say they have earned about Rwf7 million from the milk and manure got from the cows given by PAPSTA.

Jean Baptiste Ntirenganya the president of ‘Intwaramihigo za Muhororo’ cooperative who was also given a cow by PAPSTA says their objective is to make all residents into farmers by giving out cows to rear. This is in the promotion of the local program called “Girinka Ntunsige Turajyana”.

Mazimpaka says they have given cows to women in all 14 villages that PAPSTA operates in Ngororero district. PAPSTA operates in Nyange, Muhororo sectors and Bwira, Ndaro and Gatumba areas.

According to S√©raphine Umurerwa who works with PAPSTA, though this project is almost ending its operations in this area, what people have achieved will remain as a legacy. “People’s achievements including working in teams, having health insurance of their cattle will remain as the legacy of PAPSTA long after it is gone.”

The committee that takes care of the livestock in Muhororo sector was commended. This is because of the state of animals being given to people that are worth the praise. So far, 55 cows were given from people back to the public as the appreciation of getting cows in the first place, goats and pigs are circulating among people.

In general, PAPSTA has distributed 264 cows which reproduced more 197 cows that are circulating around in the people; 635 goats and 165 pigs that are given to the neighbor when they reproduce.

Muhororo: Agricultural activities turning local people into farmers


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