Thursday, 19 September 2013

Ngoma: Bicycle riders transporting banana blamed over road accidents

Bicycle riders transporting banana blamed over road accidents

People transporting bananas on bicycles to Kibungo town were blamed for the many accidents on the Kibungo main road and this was so because they use the road poorly.

“These people carry many bananas and move in the middle of the road yet on a high speed and this leads to accidents”, said the residents of the area plus the road drivers.

These business people were therefore advised by the district leadership to avoid carrying many bananas on their bicycles since this causes fear on the roads in the town.

This is a problems witnessed mainly on the market day which brings in many people and vehicles plus bicycles with bananas.

“This road from Rebezo is quite narrow and has many corners, but still it has many activities going on and therefore this is why such bicycle riders need to use it more carefully”, said one resident of the area.

About 6 banana stalks are carried on bicycles in the area and here the business people in this field say that they do so to be able to get more money hence be able to solve their different problems

“Yes it is intimidating to our lives and other people’s lives but we have to work to sustain ourselves”, said the bicycle owners.

This narrow road has many vehicles which need much space and therefore this is why these people are advised to check the overloading problem out.

To solve this problem Ngoma district together with the Ministry of Infrastructure started constructing another road to the city.

Ngoma: Bicycle riders transporting banana blamed over road accidents


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