Saturday, 7 September 2013

Ruhango people with disabilities to participate in development

People with disabilities in Ruhango district are saying it is their time to stand up and advocate for themselves towards their development alongside all Rwandans.

 This is going to possible by fighting stigmatization and being left out in the government programs.

Igihe kirageze ngo abafite ubumuga barekere aho guhezwa inyuma

People with disabilities in training

People living with disabilities in Ruhango district decided upon this after the 4 days training about advocacy, capacity building and the rights that govern people with disabilities in the Rwandan constitution that was concluded on Thursday the 5th.Sept 2013.

Charnete Kanakinama a resident of Ruhango sector in Ruhango district who attended this training who has a disability of the leg says they usually meet inconveniences but they would not ask for clarifications due to lack of knowledge of their rights.

“I had no idea that when a person with disability does work interview with a normal person and they have the same marks, the person with disability is given the priority” she says.

Kanakinama as well as other people with disabilities that attended the training as representatives of people with disabilities in 9 sectors of Ruhango district say they are ready to explain to their fellows and stand up for their own development.

Emanuel Murera who is in charge of trainings in the National Council of People with disabilities said people with disabilities are still traumatized due to the ways they were born yet they capable of doing almost all things.

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Ruhango people with disabilities to participate in development


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