Tuesday, 10 September 2013

PSD persuades Nyamagabe voters

PSD persuades Nyamagabe voters

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) has called on its supporters to vote for its candidates to parliament so the party can implement its agenda of social and economic transformation for all Rwandans.

During the campaign trail on September 6, in Cyanika sector, Nyamagabe district, Southern province of Rwanda, PSD candidates said that they will champion development programmes that ensure poverty eradication, access to healthcare services, and socio-economic transformation.

The PSD  is one of the influential parties in Rwanda, and one of its prominent candidates, Juvenal Nkusi, who has also been in parliament says that the party will not let down its members once voted again.

Nkusi said that the party has been at the front of significant areas of transformation such as the implementation of the decentralization policy, abolition of death penalty and land ownership laws, health insurance scheme-Mutuelle de Santé, and more.

Official political party campaigns for the next parliament kicked off in August 26, and the campaigns are expected to run for three weeks ending on September 15 while elections will be held from Sept 16-18th.

Though RPF is expected to take another lead in the election with the support of other parties that have joined the RPF-lead coalition, the PSD party is hopeful that it will maintain some of the big figures and voices in the next parliament.

PSD persuades Nyamagabe voters


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