Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Nyamagabe women are now part of decision making body

For Léoncie Gakwanzi a resident of Mushubi sector in Nyamagabe district, FPR-Inkotanyi Political Party should be applauded and given much votes in the upcoming elections for making women feel like people.

 Nyamagabe women are now part of decision making body

Gakwanzi talking of Rwandan gender policy

The government of Rwanda with FPR-Inkotanyi as the leading Political Party has given women value and dignity. Women are no longer found only in kitchens serving their husbands and taking care of children as Rwandan society expected but they are also part of decision making.

Gakwanzi says “before, women were supposed to do family work and chores and the husband as the head would go to meetings, decide for the family and implement all his decisions while the wife was to accept all that was decided for her.”

Gakwanzi goes on to say that women were termed as “cook and I think for you” because they were supposed to stay home and cook while their husbands made the important decisions.

With the FPR-Inkotanyi Political Party in the government, such treatment of women is now history. Women have equal rights as well as men; they have the same vote as men in decision making. All women in Rwanda be in the city and in rural areas, they have the same rights.

“As you can see me, I am a local woman that was elected to represent women in the Mushubi sector Council. I participate in decision making a thing that was unheard of in the past” says Gakwanzi proudly.

After the 1994 genocide against the Tutsis when the FPR-Inkotanyi became the ruling Political Party, gender balance concept was introduced and encouraged in Rwanda. Women have been involved in decision making and they make up at least 30percent of all the administrative councils as mandatory.

The retiring members of parliament regime had 56percent of its members as women.

Nyamagabe women are now part of decision making body


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