Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Nyabihu: SACCOs providing easiest route to people’s development

For local people to participate in the construction of Sectors Savings and Credit Cooperatives (SACCOs) shows their interests in working with financial institutions and the need for financial security.

All sectors of Nyabihu district have SACCO Building that was built by local people who are ready to support these financial institutions and yet reach out for their development.

SACCOs providing easiest route to people

The vice mayor for finance and economic development of Nyabihu district Angela Mukaminani says people have development the dependence on financial institutions by saving and seeking credit services.

“People feel so secure working with the sectors’ SACCOs. In the process of depositing and withdrawing money, they get a chance to get credit in numbers and work on projects that would develop them” says the vice mayor.

Some of the residents of Nyabihu district especially women say SACCOs are their way to development. “After becoming a member of SACCO, I used well the provided financial services and I have therefore increased my capital in Irish potatoes trade of Rwf300 000 to Rwf2 million” says a woman resident of Kabatwa sector.

“My business capital has increased and I am taking a big step in my achievements. This is because I got to know of the provisions of the financial services and I got credits. I work with my husband and we supply Irish potatoes to Kigali city.”

With the presence of good financial services of SACCOs, most residents especially the youth and women in Nyabihu district who were marginalized in the business world are able to work and to dream.

They can dream about the future of their families in development as all Rwandans and work towards their visions. In Nyabihu district, SACCOs are becoming each person’s route to realizing their dreams and working on their projects.

Nyabihu: SACCOs providing easiest route to people’s development


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