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Nyabihu environmentalists warned of degradation

Nyabihu environmentalists warned of degradation

People usually participate in environmental degradation

With the environmental degradation still apparent in Nyabihu district especially due to people’s involvement, the Rwanda Environmental Management Authority (REMA) on Tuesday the 3rd Sept 2013 reminded the environmentalists in Nyabihu district of their responsibilities to environment.

Rachel Tushabe who is in charge of sensitizing people about Environment in REMA asked the environment committees to be exemplary in protecting the environment and to the watchful eyes on people who cause environmental degradation.

“Protecting environment is in every person interest as they protect us from effects of climate changes due to degradation of environment” says Tushabe. “If every person can own up to the responsibilities of protecting the environment, we could change the effects of climate changes.”

Benjamin Karambizi who is in charge of environment in Nyabihu district says the issues that usually affect the environment in the district include illegal mining, deforestation and not growing trees on river banks.

Nyabihu environmentalists warned of degradation

The Nyabihu environment committee members

This issue was also clarified by the vice mayor for finance and economic development in the district Angela Mukaminani who asked the environmental committees to take the first steps in protecting the environment.

“if environment is well protected, effects of landslides that kill most of the people, destruction of roads, forestry, homes, over flooding of rivers and lakes, they would all be reduced and eventually be eradicated” said the vice mayor.

The environmental committees were created in all districts of the country with the responsibilities to ensure good implementation of the government policies for the environmental protection.

The districts’ committees are in charge of distributing of toilets and managing sanitation in public places. They also protect forestry, touristic areas, animals and plants among others.

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Nyabihu environmentalists warned of degradation


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