Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Gakenke campaigns against malnutrition in children, expectant mothers

Taking care of the expecting mothers’ health till birth and encouraging mothers to prepare a special meal for children is the only way to eradicate malnutrition among children.

This conclusion was reached at by health workers in Gakenke district during the general meeting on this Thursday the 12th September 2013.

 m_Gakenke campaigns against malnutrition in children

The health workers in the meeting to fight malnutrition

Malnutrition among children is closely related to poor health to the expectant mother. When an expectant mother does not have the nutritious meals, this deficiency affects the unborn child in its growth.

According to Janviere Uwamahoro the health official in Gakenke district, there is enough food crops in the district that would provide good health to the people if they are consumed instead of being sold.

“We are working on the strategies to encourage people to eat their crop production for the sake of their health instead of looking for monetary gain. We are sensitizing pregnant women to always eat nutritious meals so as to give birth to healthy children” says Uwamahoro.

Yvonne Dusabimana who is in charge of nutrition in Rutenderi Health Center says children need their separate meals that contain all nutritious components for the healthy growth of the child. “a child’s meal; should include carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and Diary products. It is a must have for children” says Dusabimana.

Dusabimana goes on to explain that poor nutrition has tremendous effect on a child below 2 years of age including stunted growth and poor concentration in classroom. According to the recent health research conducted in Gakenke district, 0.6% of children in Gakenke district are malnourished.

Gakenke district is planning on carrying out a campaign for 1000 days to fight malnutrition among children and mothers. The campaign will start in the last week of September with the theme that states “the first 1000 days are the basis of health in Rwanda”.

Gakenke campaigns against malnutrition in children, expectant mothers


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