Saturday, 7 September 2013

Akagera National Park fenced for animal, neighborhood safety

Constructing the fence around Akagera National Park is a sign of the existence of good governance in Rwanda says the Minister for National Security Hon. Sheikh Mussa Fazil Harerimana.

This fence will work as the solution to the escape of the animals in the park that would destroy the farms and even take lives of local people neighbouring this park.  The minister said this during the official handover of the fence by TNH-EME project that built it to the government of Rwanda on Thursday the 5yth Sept 2013 in Kayonza district.

 Akagera National Park fenced for animal, neighborhood safety

The fence that was constructed

Minister Harerimana says this park has been in existence for a long time but the ancient governments never did a thing to protect the people living near the park leave alone protect the animals in the park.

The Minister said; “This Park is more than 200 years old but one can ask why are we having the fence that protects animals and the neighbouring people today? Why were people not protected all along? Why is this government doing all these? The answer is simple; it is the only government that has brought good governance in Rwanda.”

The director of Rwanda Development Board says all people and their local leaders have the responsibility to protect this fence. This is because Rwanda’s economy is largely based on tourism as it receives about Rwf180 billion annually from tourism.

Ms. Rica Rwigamba the director of tourism in RDB says this fence was constructed to stop the problems animals cause to people neighboring the park. The fence will also put an end to poachers in the park.

People living near the park say this park is an answer to their problems. They will not live in fear of these animals that threatened their loaves’ and even destroyed their farms.

The fence around Akagera National Park is built on 110 kilometers in height and passes through 3 districts of Kayonza, Gatsibo and Nyagatare that surround the park. The fence started to be built in 2011 and it was completed worth Rwf2 billion as Clare Akamanzi explained.

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Akagera National Park fenced for animal, neighborhood safety


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