Monday, 10 September 2012

Rwnada | Nyamasheke: District To Hold Justice Week Set For Fighting Crimes

The  Ombudsman office is working on upholding justice and fighting corruption and its related crimes in local governments and private sectors, the office has prepared a justice week to be held in  Nyamasheke district  on 10-14th.sept.2012.
m Nyamasheke District1 300x253 Rwnada | Nyamasheke: District  to hold justice week set for fighting  crimes
Acting Ombudsman Augustin Nzindukiyimana
Residents in sectors of Nyamasheke District will be trained on justice and cases about injustices with the support of ombudsman office and local authorities as it was stated, according to the letter signed by the acting Ombudsman Augustin Nzindukiyimana.
Residents of Nyamasheke district and all people who have unsettled cases about Justice in this district are supposed to attend this week. The Justice week’s program was made in a way that every sector will be having 2 sites and people from nearby cells will be meeting in one site.
Such a program of finding people in their places and delivering to them the desired services was planned by the district and done between 7th- 14th.Aug.2012 where a team of leaders composed of vice mayor for social affairs in the district, the army, the police, MAJ representative, sector, cell and village workers would come together and solve people’s problems. 


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