Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Rwanda L Nyamasheke: Authorities To Correct Report Problems Favoritism

5 300x225 Rwanda l Nyamasheke: Authorities to correct report problems favoritism
The audit committee in the advisory council in Nyamasheke District has asked the district internal auditing body and General Auditing personnel to correct mistakes in the report on tender bids, a remark made during special meeting on 2nd Sept 2012.
This was said after the report of Internal auditor for the 2nd and 3rdsemester in the last year showed mistakes especially about the unfair distribution of tenders, temporary workers who don’t give taxes, workers who go on missions in inexplicable ways, and those who do not give out their mission reports, mismanagement of funds and many others.
There was also lack of corresponding figures of the income they had towards the end of the 2011/2012 economic year and the beginning of 2012/2013, district accounts that were discovered to be in great debts, delaying in giving tender markets and not punishing tender owners when they delay fulfilling their responsibilities.
This report also said that the application of the decisions of the general auditor were on 31%. The committee through its president Réné Karimunda asked the district administration to respect the laws that govern the tender markets and to learn about documents of those applying for tenders and to put district’s needs first and to prepare tender books in time and well.
This committee also asked the personnel in charge of giving out tenders to follow on contracts the district makes with tender owners and to give reports, and those who played roles in these mistakes to give explanations and they discussed about good management of properties.
This committee appreciated this report and made resolutions to correct the mistakes talked about in the reports. This committee asked that in the next meeting, the district accountants to come prepared to show how they will solve the inconsistent problems that usually appear in reports especially in mismanagement of district funds.


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