Friday, 7 September 2012

Rwanda recovers Britain aid

Due to the Rwanda’s efforts in good governance and commitment to its development programmes, Britain has decided to release part of its delayed funds that was intended for General Budget Support of the year 2012.
Britain now stands in stark contrast to Sweden, the US, the Netherlands and Germany, which have all decided to delay or cut Rwanda off from aid for the year.
The countries allege that Rwanda has been offering military assistance to the Democratic Republic of Congo rebel movement ‘M23’ a situation that lead over 17,000 Congolese citizens cross the border in to Rwanda.
The partial restoration of general budget support to Rwanda was revealed on September 4, 2012 by the Secretary of State for International Development, Mr. Andrew Mitchell.
“We will now disburse half (£8m) of the delayed GBS tranche and will re-programme the remaining £8m.”
According to Mitchell, the re-allocated money will be directly channelled to programmes for education and food security, to ensure that the poorest people in Rwanda are not hurt by this change.
The move comes after Britain realised how Rwanda has engaged constructively with the peace process initiated through International Conference on the Great Lakes Region and there is a continuing cease fire in the Kivus and the commitment to reducing poverty and improving its financial management.
“We will put over 60,000 more Rwandan children into primary school, half of whom will be girls, and increase production of key food security crops by an estimated 5,130 metric tones,” he said.
Mitchell stated that:”There are still concerns that Rwanda could do more to meet our joint partnership principles in full.”
“This is the first of two budget support payments scheduled for the financial year 2012/13.  The next disbursement is due in December 2012.  A decision on that disbursement will be made in due course.”
Adding that, UK will continue to closely monitor the Government of Rwanda’s role in bringing about peace in the eastern DRC region.


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