Thursday, 6 September 2012

Rwanda : Kinihira Hospital Equipped And Ready

rwanda map 2 300x235 Rwanda : Kinihira hospital equipped and ready
The recently-opened hospital in Kinihira, Rulindo District is now fully operational and well staffed, as Doctors assigned there by the Ministry of Health have reported for work.
According to Rulindo District Mayor Kangwagye Justus, the hospital comes in timely fashion as local resident were until now forced to walk long distances in order to receive even the most basic of healthcare services.
The Mayor also underscored that the medical practitioners aren’t starting from scratch as the District had attempted to set up a health centre to ease the burden on the locals, which has now been upgraded to a hospital.
The Kinihira Hospital was a pledge made by the President of the Republic Paul Kagame, after being alerted of the alarming lack of healthcare services in the area, which was forcing locals to travel long distances, often by foot.


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