Sunday, 2 September 2012

Rwanda : Nyaruguru District Accords Rwf 244 Million To Agaciro Development Fund

rwanda map 300x235 Rwanda : Nyaruguru district accords Rwf 244 million  to Agaciro Development Fund
It was in an event colored with traditional songs and speeches praisingagaciro (dignity) that a total of Rwf 244,638,835 million was willingly pledged on the spot from individual people and working entities in Nyaruguru district, Southern Rwanda, as between 450 and 500 people on Friday gathered at Ndago football pitch, a stone’s throw from Nyaruguru district premises, to support AgaciroDevelopment Fund.
Standing up in front to address the audience through a microphone, the phrase “we want to preserve our country’s dignity” kept popping up in each of the contributors’ rhetoric as to why they volunteered to contribute to Agaciro Development Fund.
According to Nyaruguru district Mayor, François Habitegeko, Rwanda has been initiating a number of home-grown policies that have been earning the country dignity on the international scene and, as he put it, “The best is yet to come”.
The money in Agaciro Development Fund from all over the country will be channeled into the coffers of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (MINECOFIN), which normally  deals with budgeting.
“The money will be kept as it is the case for other budget money and a thorough audit will be carried out on a yearly basis”, said Jean Damascène Bizumuremyi, a MINECOFIN’s delegate at the function.
This news website has established that much more cash will most likely trickle in as some in the meeting attendance promised to make more sensitisation on Agaciro Development Fund, in a district where figures point to an around 270,000 population (the figure is likely to change following this year’s population and housing census).
Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame launched Agaciro Development Fund on August 23 during an event held at Kigali Serena Hotel, an event relayed live on the state radio and TV.
Rwandan officials say the idea to start up the Fund was already in the pipeline and dates back to the 2011 Government retreat where its initial name was thought as “Solidarity Fund”.
Mayor Habitegeko told the gathering that Agaciro Development Fund does not have anything to do with bridging the gap following some Western powers’ aid cut and aid suspension as a result of a UN Group of Experts’ report accusing Rwanda of supporting M23 rebel movement operating in the conflict-torn Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, allegations that Rwanda vehemently denies. 


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