Monday, 3 September 2012

Rwanda : UN in search of Rwandan youth Representatives, applicants hand in now!

The National Youth Council (NYC)’s Executive Secretary Alphonse Nkuranga, announced the opportunity to young people aged between 18 and 24 years old can join in the competition for representing Rwandan youth to the UN. The application starts on this August 23.
 The selection will target a female and male to succeed the outgoing representatives who completed their 3-year mandate namely: Aloys Ntezimana and Carine Rusaro Utamuliza.
 According to Utamuliza the UN youth delegates program creates civic role models for young people around the world and brings new perspectives to discussions in the general assembly, whose occasion is very important for it enables youth to make an advocacy on some pertinent issues concerning youth during the UN General Assembly.
 Utamuliza, explained that it is a great opportunity for young people. They are given floor to express their views, for instance in the recent meeting they made an advocacy for establishing a basket fund for young people that would help them obtain financial support to run their businesses.
 In this competition, applicants are required to have interaction with many young people, communication skills and much knowledge about the country’s general background.
 They should also be at least in a higher learning institution to ensure that they have all required background.
 “Our lobbying actions even influenced the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to give more emphasis on the role of youth in achieving Millenium Development Goals and employment,” said Ntezimana.
 Ntezimana “We need more energetic young people and sustainable mechanisms that will help them to become productive.”  Part of their message they addressed to the Ban Ki-moon, adding that “our mission is about checking if the decisions adopted are really responding to our concerns.”
 So far, Rwanda is reportedly among few African countries that have set the program. Other African countries include Ghana, Botswana and Tanzania.
 The program in the country was initiated and lobbied in 2008 though it was approved by the UN in 1981.
 Among the applicants, 10 will be shortlisted and sit for both written and oral exams before getting two winners. The two new representatives will be announced by September 7 while the application is being done online through


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