Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Why Tom Close’s decision to tie knot is timely

Why Tom Closes decision to tie knot is timely

A seemingly relaxed Close with fiancé Tricia

Let’s face it; it’s not easy living the life of a celebrity. From their overly, and more often than not unnecessary, public exposure to the blatant blabber once in a while on radio stations, celebrities live a relatively stressful life.

They live flashily, extravagantly and expensively which enables them to always make all sorts of wacky headlines in local tabloids. That said, the most unlikely scenario would be to brush all that aside and settle for a quiet and disciplined life, tethered and strictly governed by marital laws.

It is expected that Tom Close, born Thomas Muyombo, will soon walk his longtime girlfriend Tricia down the aisle. They have dated for several years now. A star, a celebrity and a medical doctor, Tom has finally decided to take the road that most of his compatriots with the same stature dreadfully fear.

But his move is as timely as it can be. Several factors may have prompted him to do so, but his decision to settle down is undoubtedly wise.

And one such factor is his age. Tom is approaching his thirties, and at such an age it is always sensible to try to settle down lest he gets carried away by worldly pleasures that surround him in his everyday life.

With promiscuity being so rampant among the youth and especially celebrities, Tom’s decision comes as a permanent fixer. More often than not, musicians have been accused of turning a deaf ear on the dangers of immorality. Throw in the risk of HIV infection and other sexually transmitted diseases, and it suddenly hits you that ignorance isn’t always bliss.

So while the long wait shall be brought to an end on 30th November 2013 when the two will tie the knot, it wouldn’t be wrong to allege that Tom Close deserves credit, not just for himself, but also for sending a message out there that not all celebrities live careless and self-obsessed lives.

Why Tom Close’s decision to tie knot is timely


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