Friday, 8 November 2013

Nyamagabe IT professionals sharpen skills

m_Nyamagabe IT professionals sharpen skills

ICT experts follow up the training

 Seventeen IT professionals from the various sectors in of Nyamagabe concluded two – days training on Wednesday 06 November 2013 where they were sharpening their ICT knowhow.

 The training aiming at elevating their ICT knowledge after which they would support other Rwandans to explore the field.

These IT experts have other responsibilities in their sectors. They are responsible for following up the use of social pages and emails of the sectors, helping sector adminstration workers use internet as well as following up the use of technology tools including computers and prepaid telephones among others.

Albert Niyirora, the education officer and ICT expert in Tare sector says the sector has been doing a lot of things that could not be known outside the sector.

“Through this training, our sector’s achievements will be known to the public through ICT.”

 m_Hashyizweho imboni z’ikoranabuhanga mu mirenge

The mayor of Nyamagabe District Philbert Mugisha

Philbert Mugisha the mayor of Nyamagabe says these IT experts will teach local people around villages and cells on how to use IT in their daily work.

“This will also ensure the work done by local people in villages and cells to be known by other people in the whole District.”

He called upon all employees from the district to the village level to use technology in their day to day work towards providing quick and better services.

The mayor says the district will make sure that its achievements and programs will be known to the world through social pages. The district also intends to be exemplary in using ICT in almost all programs and in realizing the 2013/2014 performing contracts.

The district also intends to train 184 of its workers in ICT as well as increasing the number of people following Nyamagabe District on Twitter.

Nyamagabe IT professionals sharpen skills


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