Thursday, 7 November 2013

Nyanza: District focuses in promoting customer care

District focuses in promotingNyanza District administration has decided to reward top employee in good service delivery every month as a way to promote customer care.

The decision was made on November 4, 2013 during a meeting that was held at the headquarters about ‘customer care improvement.

Abdallah Murenzi, Mayor of Nyanza District and chairperson of the meeting emphasized on customer care; saying that the service should improve at every cost.

He explains that one of the stumbling blocks to effective service delivery is some leaders who neglect their responsibilities.

According to him, it is beyond belief that a cell leader refuses to attend to the residents’ problems for a year yet the sector administration keeps a deaf ear.

To resolve the problem, it was decided that the best employee will be rewarded and the poorly performing employee will also be announced.

During the meeting, participants highlighted cells administrations as some of the areas with poor customer care.

This is evidenced by how some office doors are closed during work hours and sometimes leaders’ telephone numbers are switched off.

On the side of the private sector, poor customer care will chase them from the labour market since its every customer’s right to be treated well before spending the money.

Nyanza: District focuses in promoting customer care


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