Friday, 8 November 2013

Ruhango: Youth discover income opportunity at market place

m_Youth discover income opportunity at market place

Buyer and Seller look on as a young man writes them an agreement

Some youth in Ruhango District have discovered an income generating source in writing agreement letters for bicycle buyers and sellers.

This comes after some buyers encountered problems after buying bicycles without proof of purchase.

However, things have taken a different twist since both parties sign on the agreement and the buyer is assured of the property’s ownership.

In Ruhango district, the business is at the peak on the market day when many people flock the market to buy and sell bicycles.

Upon purchase, signing an agreement is the next deal and its where the group of youth come in charging Rwf500 for a simple receipt of purchase.

Amaible Gahutu, aged 27 is one of them and has been in business for two years. He confirms it has changed his life for the better.

He says: “I wake up very early on Friday. I buy a pen and a small exercise book worth Rwf50.If the business goes well, I go home with between Rwf5000 – 8000,” he says.

Youth discover income opportunity at market place

Bicycles for sale on a market day

Like his colleagues, Gahutu narrates that before this trend, there was no such a thing like signing an agreement.

This used to cause misunderstandings if one for example wanted to claim the bicycle from the one that bought it.

Hategekimana, one of the sellers that had just sold a bicycle told that the youth are helping them a great deal because most men do not know how to write and read.

Aimable Gahutu advises other youth to be creative and create jobs like his group did.

Gahutu reveals he got this idea after he completed secondary school and got no job. He now plans to buy a motorcycle from his savings.

Ruhango: Youth discover income opportunity at market place


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