Friday, 8 November 2013

Nyabihu: Huge harvests to bring food prices down

Nyabihu: Huge harvests to bring food prices down

Nyabihu district residents expect the hiked food prices to reduce after the big 2014 agricultural harvest. Prices were hiked due to the scarcity of food products last season.

“The last season was dry, with minimal rains which impacted heavily on the harvest,” says Gisele Niyibizi, a farmer.

However, the current season which has both reasonable rains and sunshine has finally put a smile on farmers’ faces and raised their expectations.

“The crops look quite healthy, this season is all we needed since we almost ended up in hunger after last season’s harvest,” added the farmer.

Food prices in Nyabihu had hiked to double their original price last season.

Jean Pierre Nyirimanzi, in charge of Agriculture in Nyabihu said the district will have a surplus harvest to sell to surrounding districts. Nyabihu district is famous for Irish potatoes and vegetable production.

Nyabihu: Huge harvests to bring food prices down


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