Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Nyagatare: EWSA calls on public to protect infrastructure

EWSA calls on public to protect infrastructure

Residents during EWSA open day in Nyagatare district

Electricity, Water and Sanitation Authority (EWSA) has called on customers in Nyagatare district to protect infrastructures and approach its offices for services.

The call was made on November 9th 2013 during EWSA public accountability for water and electricity customers in Nyagatare district.

Themothe Kayumba the Manager of EWSA in Nyagatare asserts that this day was put in place to share ideas in order to improve service delivery.

Among the issues raised during the open day was that many residents have not yet accessed water and electricity and challenged EWSA to speed up the supply.

Stanley Muganwa, vice-mayor for economic affairs in Nyagatare district noted that apart from Kigali city, Nyagatare district tops other districts in electricity distribution.

The vice-mayor asked residents to protect infrastructures because it costs a lot to avail them to the residents. However he says that some residents complain of low electricity yet they don’t use it in the right way.

On the issue of power blackouts, EWSA officials told the residents that it’s caused by old machines that are undergoing maintenance services.

30 percent of Nyagatare District residents have access to electricity and 54 percent of people been supplied with water.

Nyagatare: EWSA calls on public to protect infrastructure


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