Thursday, 14 November 2013

Nyabihu: Former civil servant earning big from vegetable growing


Even the smallest piece of land can be put to use in job creation

Florence Mukarukaka a former civil servant and resident of Nyabihu district testifies that vegetable growing has greatly improved her social-economic status.

Mukarukaka, a mother of five and resident of Kibugazi village, Rurengeri cell, Mukamira sector drew her efforts into vegetable growing after pulling out of civil service and she earns enough to keep her family.

She says that, when she quit government work and faced with poverty; she thought of creating a vegetable garden to generate income.

On the small piece of land in front of her house, she started growing different types of vegetables and spices that people use every day in preparing meals.

Asked about her success, she said: “What matters is commitment and being optimistic about the output.”

Mukarukaka confirms that she gets adaily income of Rwf2, 500 making an estimated monthly earning of Rwf75,000 or more from vegetables which she uses to provide for her family’s needs.

Mukarukaka advises youth and other unemployed members of the society to create small projects and fight poverty minding less about the nature of work.

Nyabihu: Former civil servant earning big from vegetable growing


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