Thursday, 7 November 2013


After the successful recording of the Rubanda remix, a song that was originally done by Makanyaga Abdoul, Kina Music stars are once again in the limelight.


Knowless Butera together with the Dream Boyz will, on 14th December 2013, be performing in France in a concert dubbed Kanda Amazi. The track Kanda Amazi, also a remix of the original called Imitobe by Two 4Real, became a hit and enjoyed a plethora of play in pubs and other drinking joints.


The song later sparked a prolonged dispute between production house Kina Music and the city’s renowned club deejays.


The concert due to be held in Paris, is expected to attract a relatively large audience of the Rwandan Diaspora living in the European country.


Speaking to, Platini of the Dream Boyz expressed excitement ahead of the trip. He said, “We are excited at the prospect. It’s a great opportunity to be invited to perform for our brothers who live outside the country, so we will try our best to give them our all.”


Should the trip materialize, it would be the first time Dream Boyz have travelled outside the country for the sole purpose of a music event, on the contrary, their counterpart Knowless has travelled several times to Europe and America.


The diva was among the contingent of prominent musicians who featured at both Boston and London Rwandan Day where she pulled a string of impressive performances.


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